Style Soirée

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An evening of fashion, fun, and finding out what works! We have this crazy idea that even high-fashion is meant to be fun.  It’s all about rediscovering your personal style and what makes you feel special from the inside out.  Malene Grotrian is known for not only transforming women on the outside. After an evening of insight into the designer’s creations, women are transformed on the inside, often leaving with a renewed confidence and appreciation for their body they’ve never had.  It’s something you must experience.

Style Soirée Details:
  • Invite 4-8 women
  • Enjoy an informal private fashion show
  • Learn about the inspiration behind the designs
  • Get style and fitting tips for your profession, event, and body shape
  • Shop for professional wear, evening wear, travel wear, gala wear, couture and custom design
  • There’s no obligation to buy

This is the perfect excuse to bring together your friends and professional colleagues. Your evening is hosted at the Malene Grotrian Design Gastown boutique and includes light refreshments and a breath taking view of the North Shore mountains.

CALL TO BOOK: (604) 568-0666