Silk Taffeta High-Waisted Tulle Skirt

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Fabric: Silk Taffeta & Tulle Crinoline

Create the ultimate hourglass shape on any body with this ultra feminine Silk Taffeta High-Waisted Tulle Skirt. This can go from sweet to sexy, depending on the colour, what you pair it with and how you style it.

Versatility & Styling Options: As you will see in the Alternate Looks below, this skirt can be paired with a bustier and belt in many ways, sometimes highlighting the high-waist and sometimes concealing it, providing multiple looks from one piece. When you pair with a bustier in the same colour, you get a dress look and when you mix and match colours, you get a skirt/top look. Don’t be shy to pair this skirt with a slip-cut tank or even a crisp and fitted collared shirt for a powerfully feminine look.

Alternate Looks:

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