Silk Shawl Dress

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swatch-sunset-yellow swatch-saffron swatch-sky-blue swatch-wrap-pant-blue
Fabric: 100% Dupioni Silk

Complete versatility in our new vibrant colors this season! The elegant Silk Wrap Dress should replace your little black dress. Wear it in several different ways depending on the event, from formal to cocktail to social. For those chilly evenings or an overly air-conditioned restaurant, transform this wrap dress to cover your arms and keep you elegantly comfortable.

Versatility & Styling Options: There is no limit to the number of ways you can wear this piece. Achieve a halter look, vest look, a one-shoulder look, over-the-shoulder look, a long skirt… create fullness or fold and twist to create a more streamlined look. You’ll never wear this dress the same way twice and you can even change it up throughout your evening. Come in to the studio and play with it!

Price: $398

Alternate Looks:

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