Halter Vest Top

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Available in:
 Swatch - Stretch Olive
Fabric: Ultra Soft Draped Knit, Wrinkle Resistant.

This versatile Halter Vest Top was a runway hit and has become a SMASH in studio! Clients are finding new ways to wear this top every week. The foundation of this top is a basic sleeveless u-neck sheath and the style is all created by the attached halter that can be worn as a vest, a one-shoulder ‘sari’ drape, a modest shawl, and more.  Come in to the studio to play with it; you’ll see!

Versatility & Styling Options: Pair this top with our wide leg pant, a slip skirt, or even your favourite pair of jeans. The attached halter will provide you with many styling options and a whole lot of fun!

Halter Vest Top:

Alternate Looks:

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