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Volume 2 now available! (5.5MB)

Download Volume 2 of Malene Grotrian, The Magazine – now available!

In 2012, Malene Grotrian Design published volume 1 of Malene Grotrian The Magazine. After a great reception throughout the community, volume 2 — featuring our cover model and Olympic Gold medalist, Ashley McIvor –  was lovingly created and published in 2013.

The Magazine has become known for it’s unique perspective on fashion, philanthropy, and community. There isn’t a person who won’t feel better about the world (and themselves) after devouring each meaningful articles. We are told that it has become a coffee table collectors item so you’ll want to get your hands on a hardcopy. However, for our international fans and those who just can’t wait until their next visit to the studio to pick one up, both volumes are now available for download:

Malene Grotrian Design is a fashion brand. So why a magazine?

From the inception of the brand in 2008, what’s set the brand apart is the fact that it represents much more than trends and beautiful garments. This is a brand built on purpose, with purpose. One who’s guiding philosophy is to change the way women relate with fashion, to highlight the beauty in every woman, every size, at any age, and – as idealistic as it sounds – make the world a better place.

In a very short period of time, that vision is being realized and it’s gaining momentum. It’s not about Malene Grotrian Design – it’s about the greater community we are privileged to work alongside and how, as we all come together in our businesses with a mind to give back, we are able to realize success as individuals and organizations while supporting others.

Malene Grotrian, The Magazine is a compilation of stories from Malene, her partners, and the powerful individuals we’ve worked with along the way. It’s purpose is to highlight the work of community, to shed a different and more compassionate light on and from the fashion industry, and to inspire.