Custom Design

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The 5-Step Custom Design Process

1) Style Exploration Session
Come with a concept, a note of inspiration or a blank slate and enjoy the Style Exploration process with Malene Grotrian as she sketches the possibilities.

2) Quote
Your custom vision is quoted. If the budget doesn’t suit you, we encourage you to ask if there is a way to bring your vision to life at a budget that suits.

3) Draft Fitting
A ‘draft’ garment is made first in muslin fabric. It’s fitted on your body, allowing you to see the design in 3D and make design and fit adjustments.

4) Garment Production
Your custom design is finalized and now it is made in the finest fabrics and colours of your choice.

5) Final Fitting & Delivery
Your custom garment is perfected to fit your body before it is delivered.


Custom design is a personal expression of who we are, conceived from an interaction between the designer and client. From the communication where the client expresses an interest in a design concept, the designer will then interpret this verbal and nonverbal information and create a constructional piece of your personality.

An element that has been somewhat lost in the ages of industrialization is that of having clothes made to fit you. Before industrialization, men and women would go to their tailors to have garments made to fit their distinct body. Today, most people buy mass-produced clothes that are cut based on a set of average measurements defined by the company. As a result, many women feel there is something wrong with them and their bodies, if they don’t fit the stock clothing they see in stores, not understanding that a manufacture has chosen a set of measurements to create their clothing line around.

We all have very distinct bodies and despite the fact that two people might share the same weight and measurements, clothes will fit one person well and not the other. One might have a large bust and narrow back whereas the other has a wide back and a small chest and this will affect the fit of the garment.

In the process of designing a custom piece of clothing for an individual, I get to take my creativity to another level and combine my fascination for the human with my passion for creation. Treating the individual to the experience of feeling unique and comfortable in a design that is made exclusively for them.

Custom couture designs are one of a kind creations, typically designed for wedding gowns, gala dresses and formal wear. Custom professional designs are jackets, pants, dresses, shirts, tops and belts.

I personally invite you to my studio for a no-pressure (no commitment) Style Exploration Session where we begin the process. I look forward to working with you!