A Philanthropic Philosophy

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I have always asked myself why I wanted to be a Designer, and it is truly because I love to connect with people. I was observing the fashion industry as somewhat superficial until I understood that what I do makes a real difference at a personal level for each individual client, making women feel beautiful and confident with the clothes I make. This deeply resonated with me and I strive to make a difference in this way. I feel responsible to share what I do with others. The way I look at it is, we all hold keys for one another that will open doors, make another person smile, feel better if we just cared to listen, to truly CARE to make a difference for someone else. That is what I live for in designing and getting involved mentoring and working with philanthropy.

At Malene Grotrian Design we strive to make a positive impact in our community by supporting charities and non-profit organizations in a variety of ways. We are very proud to work strategically with local and national organizations to give back in a philanthropic way. We are eager to explore new possibilities in partnering with organizations to create successful charity events. Our involvement could take many forms and we are excited to work with each partner and project where our participation could benefit the featured charity.

For more information please contact info@malenegrotrian.com.