Meet Malene

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From the age of six, Malene’s dream to become a fashion designer was crystal clear. Growing up as the only girl with two brothers in Jutland, Denmark, Malene gravitated towards unique and feminine design from an early age. She followed her passion into fine arts and fashion design and in 2004, Malene graduated from Teko Center Denmark. After furthering her design and fine art studies in Italy, Malene re-located to Canada. For the next four years, she worked with leading Canadian designers honing her craft and appreciation for tailored women’s wear that truly embraces and flatters the female form. It was during this time that she discovered the passion for her signature bustier. It soon became a sought-after item, which lead to the inception of the Malene Grotrian Design label, fulfilling her childhood dream.

In December 2008, Malene opened the doors to her atelier boutique in the historic Dominion Building in Gastown, Vancouver. Within her first year of business, Malene was invited to show at New York Fashion Week in September 2009. Since then, the studio boutique has quickly become Vancouver’s premier boutique shopping experience. A fashion oasis for clients, experiencing the true essence of the Malene Grotrian brand of creating inner confidence and beauty in women by embracing every shape, size and style. Collections are inspired by a timeless, unique, European influence and focus on versatility within each piece. All designs are sophisticated and created with femininity, unexpected detail, and elegance in mind and each garment is manufactured locally in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

2008 – Today: The Evolution of Malene Grotrian Design

The Malene Grotrian brand has come a long way since its inception in 2008. The first studio boutique in the Dominion Building in Gastown was a small 200 square foot space where Malene met with clients, designed, and turned her visions into the first complete ready to wear collection launched in March of 2009 at Vancouver Fashion Week.  After receiving a standing ovation at the show, the business began to grow quickly.  The studio space quickly expanded into more square footage to meet the needs of the growing team and clientele.

In the early summer of 2009, Malene was invited to showcase her Spring Summer 2010 Collection at a solo show at the prestigious New York Fashion Week. Over the next few months, Malene and her team worked hard to ensure the trip to New York would be successful and shared every experience with fans and clients through the website, social media, email bulletins and local media.  This lead to a front page spread in the Vancouver Sun and National Post Style sections featuring the story of a local Designer within her first year of businesses showcasing at New York Fashion Week.

After a successful show in New York, the 2010 Spring Summer Collection was launched to a sold out crowd in Vancouver at the “Bite of the Big Apple” fashion event. It was shortly after this that the studio boutique expanded into a larger boutique area to accommodate the growing business.

Each year in the autumn season Malene Grotrian continues to produce a large-scale fashion event to launch the Fall/Winter Collection.  The annual event has become known to be more than just a fashion show; it is a fashion event. In 2010, it started with the “Ice Water” Fashion Event, in 2011 “A Modern Classic”, and in 2012, “New Heights”.  Each year new performers are showcased to entertain clients before the show, editorial videos are featured to excite the crowd about the new collection, and there is always a surprise or two in store for the guests.

In addition to the annual fashion event, the business has significantly grown within its product offerings to accommodate the increase of interest in Custom Design.  More and more women are discovering the rewarding experience of Made to Measure.  From Wedding design, Gala, Evening, Professional, Travel wear and more, Malene works personally with each client to create the perfect design for the individual for special occasions and career.