A Personal Message from Malene

June 10, 2014
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Thoughts on being an artist

Having known all my life that I wanted to be a Fashion Designer I must say it created a bit of an identity crisis to call myself an artist the first time and I still can’t help to smile inside when someone else does or I do.  For some reason I have identified so much with the Fashion Designer title, that to consider myself with a different tile seemed like a challenge to allow it. Even when people have called me a Business Woman or a Philanthropist, I laugh inside, because it just seems like an out of my mind thought, to call myself.

What are my beliefs around being an artist?

An artist is someone who has a unique talent and who’s way of expressing themselves through a medium communicates to others through their senses and awakens our subconscious mind and generates feelings in the observer.

What is a title and how can it determine ALL that we are?

Throwing myself into pursuing the art has truly inspired me to open my belief that no title can describe who we are, we just are!  I had come to realize that really owning and chaining myself to the title of being a Fashion Designer closed my mind to believe I would ALSO pursue art or any other passion that my heart might desire.


I feel more connected to calling myself a creator and aim to create in anything I do, may it be clothing, fabrics, painting, events, collaborations, or relationships.

I love to create and my passion in life is to inspire others to their own growth and live their highest potential.

When I started sharing my paintings in 2013 I was sharing my creative hobby and had no idea that my art could evoke feelings of healing, joy, mind journeys or inspire.  It wasn’t until people started sharing with me their feelings or observations that I started to understand my art had an appeal to others.

 Feeling free

Painting makes me feel so free. When I paint, it is simply for the reason of expressing yourself.  Afterwards it becomes a journey to discover and dive into the painting. It is like getting to know yourself. I often describe the process of observing a new art piece like looking at the eyes of a baby and thinking who are you? What does that look mean?  Looking at a piece of yourself that is new, yet very familiar with a depth that is beyond you.

I am a fast painter and most of my paintings are created from what feels like an explosion of a moment in time. It generates spontaneous and expressive art that has the theme of all aspects of life like joy/sadness and chaos/harmony.

Thank YOU!

Thank you to all of you who have shared your experiences and feelings of my art, those words have truly inspired me to pursue this journey further and helped me open my mind to who and what I can be and I hope to be able to do the same to YOU!


Malene Grotrian