Denmark 2014 – Roots of my Soul

May 1, 2014
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Being in Denmark is like feeling the roots of my soul, the invisible patterns that have created who I am. Surroundings, people and the culture is so familiar and known to you that you hardly recognize it or see it until you remove yourself from it.  It is like recognizing the invisible space between the stars, the larger mass and depth of what appears as the sky to us. What we tend to only notice in the sky are the stars, those that twinkle and shine, even though it is the very space in which they float that are the larger component of space and the sky.

When I am in Denmark I see and more so feel the space in which I am floating in, the larger components that define me, that of which I come from.

I recognizing how the arts has been the very foundation to my path. My parents home is a gallery of my art work from the age of 12. They feature my experimentation in mediums and techniques and just by looking at them, it itches in my fingers to further develop my skills and keep experimenting with new art. The supportive environment is that of which is invisible but yet the very space the art has appeared.

– Malene

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