Magazine Volume 2 Cover Model: Ashleigh McIvor

September 25, 2013
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Volume 2 of the Malene Grotrian Magazine was launched at the Full Circle Fashion Event supporting OVCARE: BC’s Ovarian Cancer Research Team.  Each guest was gifted the NEW Volume 2 Magazine featuring Olympic Gold Medalist Ashleigh McIvor as the Cover Model. Get to know more about Ashleigh and her Olympic journey below…

Meet Ashleigh McIvor, one of the most recognized Canadian Olympians and winner of the Gold Medal in SkiCross at The Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010.  As an alpine ski racer growing up in beautiful Whistler, BC, the transition over to the skill and excitement of SkiCross racing was a natural step for this thrill-seeking beauty.  When word came down in 2006 that SkiCross would make its debut at Cypress Mountain as part of the 2010 Olympics, Ashleigh embraced the opportunity to race on home turf, after years of traveling around Europe.  She knew all she could do was to prepare in the best way she knew how – hard work.  She made a list of everything she needed to do her best and she ticked it off the morning of the event as complete. She had the best coaching available, had maximized her training both on snow and in the gym, was as strong and fit as she could be, had the best skis and the best ski technician who was prepared to stay awake all through the night before her event to prepare eight pairs of skis.  That way, when the Cypress snow rolled in, she had the right wax on the right skis to make tracks!

MGMagazineV2CoverAshleigh not only won the Gold Medal at the race that day; she also won a Gold Medal with the media with her healthy beauty and warm, articulate manner of speaking.  She was up at 4:00 a.m. the next day to broadcast all over the Eastern seaboard and tell people how she had beat the best in the world at this brand new sport.  Canadians could not have been prouder; she galvanized the country to move forward together to celebrate the best ever winter games.

Since then, Ashleigh has been able to devote much of her time to a role she really loves and thinks is extremely important – that of a role model.  Having spoken with almost 10,000 children and young adults by now, she expects she has convinced them that ordinary people can do extraordinary things by working hard, taking things one small step at a time, by practicing, and by working to stay positive and overcome adversity.  Having dealt with multiple injuries in this rough and tumble sport and with lack of financial resources in such a new sport have both taught Ashleigh to keep moving forward towards her goals.

Ashleigh met Malene Grotrian via the Ovarian Cancer Canada gala; she designed a beautiful dress which Ashleigh felt privileged to wear.  Clearly, Ashleigh felt it was a worthy cause, since she got on crutches one day post op on her left knee to get herself standing up at the event to contribute to its success.

Of course, Ashleigh has always been interested in fashion and looking fabulous but it was when she teamed up with Jay DeMerit of the Vancouver WhiteCaps that she really started to stretch her “Fashionista” wings. They have lots of fun shopping together wherever they go and enjoy the creative outlet that expressing themselves through fashion allows.

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