Musica Intima Partnership

April 15, 2013
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We are proud to support the arts & culture community in Vancouver and one of the creative ways we have worked with Musica Intima recently has been highlighted in a blog post on their website. Click Here to see the Blog Post and read below.

The Art of the Stage Costume

This season, musica intima’s costumes were made by fabulous local designer Malene Grotrian. Today, we’re inviting you to come backstage with us! Jenna Booth from Malene Grotrian Design gives an inside look into the costume-design process.

The Partnership: Malene Grotrian Design is very proud to support musica intima.  This partnership formed when the lovely singers were looking to wear a local Vancouver designer’s creations on stage at some of their performances. After meeting with musica intima, the relationship between the two artistic companies was clearly a well-made match.  Malene Grotrian strives to support the local arts and culture community and working with a group like musica intima was a perfect collaboration.

The Design: The next was to choose a design for the performers to wear on stage.  This process began by taking a look at Malene’s ready to wear collection at her studio boutique in Gastown and selecting a style that would flatter the different figures and unique personalities of each performer.  After reviewing the collection, the Classic Silk Shawl Dress was decided on as a perfect style for the performers to wear.

The Result: And…voilà! Malene re-created the Classic Silk Shawl Dress in an array of vibrant jewel toned colours that would pop on  stage under performance lights.  Each singer wore a colour that worked well with her individual style, skin tone, hair colour, etc.

This dress was designed to be styled in a variety of versatile ways. It can be a halter shawl dress gathered at the waist, a one armed dress to showcase a more grecian style, as a skirt over top of a simple black tube or slip dress and more.  On stage the dresses created a unity of style, yet the versatility in their couture stylings reflected each of the individual performers.

Costumes Backstage

Malene Grotrian sketch(1)